Youth Group​

The Funny Wonders Youth Group (2007-2011) had an international reputation! The group was youth-led and overseen by skilled, experienced adults who offered support and guidance. It was for young people aged 11-25 and we encouraged a mix of ages, people and interests to help break down social barriers and make relationships with people outside typical peer groups. Participants decided upon their own projects, organised them at planning meetings and raised their own funding. This gave them experience and helped develop skills in management, communication and working in a team.

The group took official status following the trip to Sapporo, Japan in 2007 as many of the participants wanted to stay involved and work on projects. The group grew over the summers of 2008 and 2009 with the production of theatre shows on the Buxton Opera House stage for the Buxton Puppet Festival. In these productions, the group learnt and performed various types of puppetry including shadow, table-top, bunraku and glove.

Following these the older members of the group moved away for university but the younger members carried the group forward into 2010-2011. This group created shadow puppet theatre shows performing in the Buxton Puppet Festival.

As well as puppet-making workshops, rehearsals and performances, the youth group also got together for socials. These included dinners at our old studio, fancy dress parties and paintballing!

Youth Group Projects