Transition Tales 2010

In 2010, the Funny Wonders Youth Group created shadow puppet theatre pieces during afterschool workshops at our studio in Spring Gardens.

The youth group led on all aspects of the shows including topics, storylines, script, music and performance. They chose to create shadow puppetry shows considering climate change and environmental issues in association with Transition Buxton.

When asked to consider the waste of resources, sustainability and pollution of the environment they realised that they might not be able to have fish and chips anymore if we caught all the fish in the sea and we couldn’t grow potatoes.

They performed the products of their imaginations in an evening showcase with live music by our in-house band ‘Shadowhouse’ at the Buxton Puppet Festival 2010. They were also joined by participants of our ‘Don’t Call Me Trash’ workshop in the morning of the showcase. Click here to see the showcase performances and more about our activities in the festival.

'Bob the Fishy'

‘Bob the Fishy’ was the creation by our Junior Youth Group. It addressed the issues of pollution, biodiversity and the need for a healthy environment. The piece saw a magical fish called Bob aid a young girl to clean up the seas and rivers near where she lived, save a trapped dolphin and escape a shark attack.

Development Workshops

Stills from the Show

'The Crane Lady'

‘The Crane Lady’ was the creation by our Senior Youth Group. It addressed the issues of trust and kindness and was ‘loosely’ based on the Japanese folktale ‘The Crane Wife’.

Development Workshops

Stills from the Show