Katkatha Puppetry Troop 2008

In 2008, Anurupa Roy came to Buxton with two other members of the Katkatha Puppetry Troop, Puran Bhatt and Ishamudin Khan, for the Buxton Puppet Festival 2008. They were supported by Irish magician Arran Towers.

Whislt here, they carried out a variety of activities with us including professional and public workshops, street performances, puppet parades, scratch night performances and other cultural activities. To see more of their activities please visit the 2008 Buxton Puppet Festival page here.

We ran gigante puppet-making workshop with the troop, making puppets to parade at the opening of the festival – see the making workshops here, see the parade here – and we hosted performances of traditional Rajasthani marionettes in local schools.

School Visit