#BuxtonFlowerpot Trail

Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2022

In 2019, we officially took over the Buxton flowerpot project from the Buxton Town Team, having previously supported their workshops and promotion. The project and trail came about through their Buxton in Bloom competition having a ‘Best Flowerpot Person’ category. As this is all about re-using materials, making something and them often being funny, it is something we wanted to keep going.

After the changes made in 2020 for the COVID-19 pandemic, we returned to the usual July-August timescale for 2021, alongside the town’s summer festivals and the summer holidays.

This year, the Buxton Flowerpot Trail ran in June and July to link in with celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.



The theme in 2022 was the Jubilee – platinum, red, white and blue – bus, as ever participants didn’t need to align with the theme.


Pots were available to pick up for free from our stall at the Buxton Spring Fair on Monday 2 May, our outdoor making workshop at The Green Man Gallery on Saturday 14 May, 2pm-4pm and the Rotary Summer Fair in the Pavilion Gardens on Saturday 28 May.

Register Your Flowerpot Creation

​The registration deadline to join the trail map was Sunday 29 May 2022.

Registration involved emailing the creation’s location to hello@funnywonders.org.uk or filling in our contact form here.

​​​Participants were requested to also send a in picture of their flowerpot creations for our photo album on Facebook and below for those who were not able to see the creations in Buxton.

Buxton Flowerpot Trail Map

​A printed version of the trail map was available throughout June and July (cost £1) at The Green Man Gallery, Poole’s Cavern Visitor Centre and The Pump Room.

An electronic version was also available on our news blog here if trailers wanted to go paper-free.

​We were once again in the Buxton Festival Fringe. It’s always great to support this festival.

​We had 53 dots on the maps last year. Did we beat it this year? Amazingly, yes we did! Huzzah! We had 59 with 1 out-of-towner.

Our Creation

Guard at The Green Man Gallery


​We are able to run the Buxton Flowerpot Trail project in 2022 thanks to support from Derbyshire County Council Members’ Communifty Fund with contributions from Buxton Councillors, Cllr Linda Grooby and Cllr Tony Kemp, and support from High Peak Borough Council‘s Councillor Initiative Fund with contributions from Cllr Rachael Quinn (Barms), Cllr Jean Todd (Central), Cllr Madeline Hall (Corbar), Cllr Samantha Flower (Burbage), Cllr Matt Stone (Central) and lastly, Cllr Keith Savage (Corbar) who sadly passed away in late 2021.

​Thanks ever to The Green Man Gallery, Poole’s Cavern Visitor Centre and The Pump Room for selling the maps and to the Buxton Town Team for the continued use of their base map.

​And thanks to all the families, individuals and businesses who took part, making flowerpot creations for the trail. It’s wonderful to see the support for this trail and the fabulous, characterful flowerpot creations you make.

Get Involved

Anyone wanting to get involved with the project, helping to promote or volunteering at our workshops, please get in touch – email hello@funnywonders.org.uk.

Have you made a flowerpot person or enjoyed the trail? Let us know, send us a message or post it on social media using the hashtag #BuxtonFlowerpotTrail.

Pick Up Pots Stalls & Making Workshops

Flowerpot Creations