Ode to Buxton Carnival Day

“It’s always sunny on carnival day, even when it’s raining.”

Today would have been one of our maddest days of the year – Buxton Carnival day. It’s a special day for us as it’s a chance for our whole team and their friends and family (and sometimes random members of the crowd when we need more help) to come together.

And I’m missing the buzz of the town that you only get on carnival day, waving to everyone we know in the crowd and then the succeeding ice cream, duck race, live music, ride on the Waltzers, chips and then falling asleep by 8pm from exhaustion.

Although I’m not missing the anxiety dreams that usually precede it! – what if it rains? What if the balloons fly away? What if no-one turns up to help? What if the puppet breaks mid-route? What if? What if? What if?. Or the carnival bruises that take shape the following day. Those puppets fight back!

But we look forward to next year when we can (hopefully) do it again and entertain the crowds with some gigantic, colourful, puppet-based fun.

For now, here are some of our Carnival highlights from the past few years.

Anyone is always welcome to join us for Carnival. Just get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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