Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2020 comes to an end

We have decided to call it a day for the Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2020. Four and a half months is more than enough!

Thank you to all those who got involved, liked the pictures, shared the posts and walked the trail. We hope it brought a smile to your face. 😊

Seeing all your wonderful creations certainly brought a smile to ours. 🥰 You can see photos of all this year’s creations on our Facebook page here.

If you have any comments/feedback/suggestions about the trail, please message us. Any contribution, positive and negative, would be much appreciated. 🧐

The trail shall return next year and, all being back to normal, it will revert to its usual July-August timeslot. If you would like to be contacted about it next spring, please message us your email address and we will add you to the email group. 👍

Funny Wonders is always happy to welcome new people into the organisation. If you would like to get more involved in our activities (helping to plan, promote, deliver etc), please get in touch.

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