Buxton Flowerpot Project 2020 – slight change of plan!

Sooooo……. how’s it going everybody? Nothing like a global pandemic to put a spanner in the works.

Understandably, most of the town’s events this spring and summer have been cancelled or postponed BUT we are adamant that the Buxton Flowerpot Project can and must go ahead! We’re just going to have to make a few changes.

We want to help brighten up the day of those still out and about – key workers, community volunteers and households out on their daily exercise opportunity – and we want to do that via the oh so slightly silly medium of flowerpot people.

So WE NEED YOU! This is a call out to all households in Buxton to create a flowerpot person and display it in your front yard/garden/doorstep/window/gate to bring a smile to anyone walking by.

Unfortunately, we can’t run any of our planned making workshops this spring (and our kit is currently not accessible to us), so we’re all going to have to get a little bit creative.

Have a rummage through your sheds, garages, gardens, activity rooms and recycling and see what resources you can find… hopefully you have some old flowerpots somewhere.

In the least, the equipment and resources you need are:

  • string/twine
  • scissors
  • flowerpots (or other previously used, plastic-based containers.

Plus decorating materials – this could just be a felt tip pen to draw a face but you may be able to find some old bits and bobs round the house, along with some glue.

If you’ve never made a flowerpot person before, have no fear – they are just knots in string. So if you can tie your shoelaces, you can make a flowerpot person. We’ve uploaded some instructions on the project page to make a basic flowerpot person, but you’re free to experiment and make them however you can.

We’re also in the process of creating a video as well, if you need some extra help.

If you can, try to make them reflect the experience of self-isolation – one of the activities you’ve started doing or how you are feeling. 

This year, we planned to have our flowerpot creations out for July and August but, considering the situation we’re all in, we want to make it longer and earlier. So, we now want you to put your creations out anytime from now until August.

We will produce a first electronic flowerpot location map for the start of May so can you see where else they are located locally to you. Obviously, please maintain the latest social distancing guidance.

Let us know the location of your creation by emailing As (hopefully) more households get involved, we can update the map.

Also, please send in pictures of your flowerpot creations and we’ll do a photo album on our Facebook page for those not able to leave the house at this time.

Sound like a plan??

Please share this and tell other Buxtonians about it to help the town make as many flowerpot people as possible. You can also download an image to put up near your flowerpot person to help promote the project here.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

Best wishes,

Love from the Funny Wonders Team

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