Join us for ‘The Long Home’

On Friday 3rd March, we will gather at The Green Man Gallery with the Agnew-Watson clan and local and not-so-local friends to celebrate the work of our late founders, Chris and Doug Agnew at the launch night of a retrospective exhibition of their work. It is on display until the end of March if you would like to see it. To see further details click here to go to The Green Man Gallery website.

During the night, we will attempt to create and perform a puppet show using Chris and Doug‘s puppets.

The show is partly to celebrate Chris and Doug and partly to show ourselves to new people in the town.

In order to continue the legacy of this amazing couple, we need more people to get involved in the organisation. If any of you have any time spare, please consider joining us. You could join us for a monthly, evening meeting, join our practitioner team and help take our work into schools or help us at community projects and events.

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