Calculating our environmental impact for 2020/2021

A bit of behind-the-scenes-at-Funny-Wonders insight for you today.

As we draw towards the end of another year, our Board of Directors has now completed the reviews of our policy documents during 2021.

These are now updated on our website page here.

There have been lots of updates to our Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness Policy and our Equal Opportunities & Inclusion Policy in particular this year, following further training of members of our team.

We also undertake an annual review of the time our team spends Funny Wondering and our environmental impact. Funny Wonders is committed to minimising its environmental impact but we also commit to off-setting the impact we do make by planting trees.

At our last Board of Directors meeting, our Environmental Officer reported our annual carbon footprint (CO2e) for April 2020 to March 2021.

It was calculated as 0.11 broad-leaf trees – lower than normal due to our reduced activity during the lockdowns.

Our Chair of the Board will be donating a sapling to be planted.

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