Shadows cast at Windlehurst once again

Earlier in the year, we were delighted to be invited back to Active at Windlehurst, a group for adults with disabilities based in High Lane, Stockport. We ran a shadow puppet-making workshop with our “pop-up” theatre there last year and the participants requested it again. (smiley face emoji!)

Many of the participants, who attended last year, remembered exactly what to do and set about making some magical shadow puppets. Those who were new to it took a little longer to get started but they all created wonderful puppets and some even got on to creating their own scenery. Our workshop leader, Ali, had very little to do this time! Save for cutting out the tricky bits on the inside of the shapes.

After a short tea break, we rearranged the room to set up the theatre and each participant had a go at performing with the puppets they made. The addition of music and some pre-prepared scenery, even the simplest of puppets looked magical. The wonder of shadow puppetry!

A wonderful morning with a lovely group of people.

If you would like us to come to your group and run a shadow puppet workshop, please get in touch – email

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