Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2024

The Buxton Flowerpot Trail returns for 2024 supported, this year, by the High Peak Mayoral Charity and a small grant awarded by the outgoing HPBC Mayor in 2023, Ollie Cross.




The Buxton Flowerpot Trail 2024 will run during July and August alongside all four of the town’s summer festivals.


The theme this year is ‘Olympics and Paralympics’ ahead of the summer games later this year in Paris (26 July to 11 August and 28 August to 8 September, respectively). With the different sports, the national heros and the famous sporting moments over the years, there’s lots to choose from. However, as ever, you do not need to align to the theme; please make whatever you wish.


Please don’t buy any new pots – it’s all about finding new uses for old resources. For those needing pots, we had some available to pick up for free from our stalls at:


We’re happy to take donations of old pots, subject to prior arrangement. Please get in touch if you would like to donate some.



Flowerpot creations are simple to make – they are just knots in string – and, in the least, only require:

  • string/twine
  • scissors
  • flowerpots (or other previously used, plastic-based containers)
  • decorating materials – this could just be a felt tip pen to draw a face but you may be able to find some old bits and bobs round the house, along with some glue.


If your a first-timer, see our making instructions below to make a basic flowerpot person and our making videos on our general project page here, but there isn’t really a right way or a wrong way. They can look however you want, it just takes a bit of trial-and-error and forward thinking, and they don’t have to be people – you can make animals, aliens, objects or sculptures.

Register Your Location

The registration deadline to join the trail map is Sunday 23 June 2024.

To register, simply email your creation’s location to hello@funnywonders.org.uk.


Buxton Flowerpot Trail Map

A printed version of the trail map will be available throughout July and August (cost £1) at The Green Man Gallery, Poole’s Cavern Visitor Centre and The Pump Room.

An electronic version was available on our news blog if you want to go paper-free.

The Trail will once again be part of the Buxton Festival Fringe (3-21 July). It’s always great to support this festival.

Our Creation

Get Involved

Anyone wanting to get involved with the project, helping to promote or volunteering at our workshops, please get in touch – email hello@funnywonders.org.uk.

Have you made a flowerpot person or enjoyed the trail? Let us know, send us a message or post it on social media using the hashtag #BuxtonFlowerpotTrail.


We were able to run the Buxton Flowerpot Trail project in 2023 thanks to support from Derbyshire County Council Members’ Communifty Fund with contributions from Buxton Councillors, Cllr Linda Grooby, and support from High Peak Borough Council’s Councillor Initiative Fund with contributions from Cllr Rachael Quinn (Barms) and Cllr Jean Todd (Central).

Thanks ever to The Green Man Gallery, Poole’s Cavern Visitor Centre and The Pump Room for selling the maps and to the Buxton Town Team for the continued use of their base map.

And thanks to all the families, individuals and businesses who take part, making flowerpot creations for the trail. It’s wonderful to see the support for this trail and the fabulous, characterful flowerpot creations you make.

Pick Up Pots Stalls & Making Workshops

Flowerpot Creations