A MASSIVE Look Back (3/3)

Do you remember our MASSIVE, wish-covered elephant??

When on display in the Springs Shopping Centre, members of the public were invited to write down on ribbons a wish for their future. Over 500 wishes were written during this week with even more in total.

We were overwhelmed by some of the things people were willing to share with us through their wishes – their hopes, their dreams, their fears and losses, sources of joy and happiness. People who might never have otherwise joined together were there, in one place enjoyed by all, as one. My MASSIVE mission fulfilled!” says Anna Watson.

The wishes were collated into ‘The Little Book of MASSIVE Wishes’, copies of which are still available!

The wishbooks provide an insight into human nature, a cross-section of the community, and preserve a slice of life from the summer of 2000 – there are wishes which are particularly relevant to that moment in time and, of course, some that are completely timeless. As noted in the wishbook foreward, we faithfully reproduced every single wish as it appeared so “sum spellin and gwammer mistakes doo appear!”

Of the £2 raised by the sale of each book, 50% was allocated to Elephants of Africa Rescue Society and 50% to the Funny Wonders voluntary organisation (as we were then), to help fund future puppetry and performance arts events.

Still have my copy, remember it well” Celia

Can’t believe it was 20 years! Still have my Massive book of Wishes xxx” Heather

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting some of the wishes made to give you a taste of those written and hopefully to see if they came true.

Thanks to:

The book-makers – Joe, Alex, Keith Jones Publicity; and the stampers who helped to make this book look so beautiful

The book-sellers – Scriveners, Bestsellers Bookshop, Poole’s Cavern & Country Park and Buxton Tourist Information Office.

And to all the book-buyers out there. Were you one of them? Do you still have your copy?

Get in touch with your memories of the project – post or comment or email us at

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