Funny Wonders Family During Lockdown – George Flett

Next up in our peek at our creative families, representing the Fletts (another family synonymous with our origin story), is George ‘Gore’ Flett.

FWinc Family: George Flett

Lockdown Location: Stalybridge, Tameside, UK

Current Work Status: furloughed from telecoms job but keeping busy


When not working in telecoms, George is an electronic music producer and performer/DJ as Gore Tech and a graphic designer and illustrator specialising in themes of high fantasy and cosmic horror(!) as Throne and has designed record sleeves for various acts in electronic music and heavy metal. He also plays in band, Gain, and co-founded record label, EXE.

Other than getting on with his AMAZING(!) artwork (see below) and music production, during lockdown, George is hosting Facebook live DJ sets ‘The Northern Lord’ raising funds for Greyhound Gap. In fact, he’s live whilst I write this.

On Funny Wonders, George says “a large inspiration to my formative years would have been the work of Jim Henson’s studio, specifically the work on The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth. I got to appreciate it on a greater level having been part of Funny Wonders as a young boy. I love the ideas of another world, a fantasy plain with goblins, wizards, dragons and epic landscapes. Living here in the Peak District is a great source of inspiration for myself and many others as I learned growing up here.

I’d known Chris and Doug since I was a baby. My folks met them when I was born and they lived in Peak Forrest. I was at school with Laurie later when we moved from Peak Dale to Buxton and we’d visit their house after school on St James Terrace. I’d always marvel at Doug’s paintings – I thought they were so incredible. It had a big impact on a young George.

Later on, we [George and his younger brother Jack] joined Chris and Funny Wonders attending smaller workshops and event days (especially around the carnival season) later visiting Losehill Hall for a weekend workshop where we made our puppets and performed theatre and dance with them. Though I probably didn’t realise then, but, being with Funny Wonders that weekend, taught me so much about how to follow a plan from initial concept to a fully-fledged, living, breathing production. Chris and Doug really believed in the power of art and performance and instilled in me a real passion for art and helped me realise my imagination was, itself, a powerful tool. I am forever eternally grateful for the opportunities I had with the Agnew clan.”

See more of George’s Throne artwork at follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

Check out Gore Tech at

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