Our Buxton Puppet Festival 2013 Activities

For the 2013 Buxton Puppet Festival, we ran a shadow puppet workshop where we recreated favourite video and computer games such as Pacman, Supermario and Angry Birds and participants played them ‘live’ in a show at the end of the workshop.

We also hosted a scratch night called the ‘Pop Up Shop of Puppets’ featuring performances by our workshop participants, a Buxton Brownie troop who worked towards their puppetry badge, local performer Jim Lampard and professional puppeteers Glyn Edwards from FingerNThumb Puppets, Buxton-based Babbling Vagabonds and Peter Garrafolo.

In tribute to Chris Agnew, our co-founder, we made a window display at The Green Man Gallery which was installed throughout July and highlighted her decades of work in the arts in both the community and health quarters. An overview of the display can be seen here. In association with this, we presented a film screening of a mental health film Chris worked on with Langley Brown and Adian Shingler called ‘Only Smarties Have the Answer’. The film is now available on YouTube in eight parts: click here to see the first.

The Shadow Games Workshop - Making

The Shadow Games Workshop - The Show

'Pop-Up Shop of Puppets' Scratch Night

'Only Smarties Have The Answer' Film Screening