Buxton Puppet Festival 2004

The second Buxton Puppet Festival was organised by the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild, ourselves and the Buxton Opera House. It ran Monday 26 to Thursday 29 of July and featured Stephen Mottram’s Animata, Nori Sawa, local company Presto Puppets, Blue Sky Theatre, Bulgarian Waggish Radish Puppet Theatre, Music Box, Peak Puppets, Rubbish, Harvey’s Puppet Show, The Beresford Puppets, Mister Peter’s Puppets, Pauline Veneable, Peter Peasgood, Keith Barnes and Paul Kingsley’s Cappriccio Theatre.

There was also a scratch night, an exhibition at the Old Hall Hotel and Nori Sawa also ran a 4-day professional ‘bunraku’ workshop.

Opening Parade & Shows

Festival Programme